In fielding questions about how to keep the kids engaged during self-isolation and social distancing, Softball BC has partnered with the 60 Minute Kids Club to bring tools & resources to support NLDS families healthy habits & fundamental movement skills.

Softball BC has posted this program to social media, but in you haven’t seen it, here is the opportunity to participate in the program to stay healthy and engaged.

What: The 60 Minute Kids Club is a unique activation program designed to support the development of physical literacy & health strategies. The program consists of two tools that track, record & report:

  1. healthy behaviours &
  2. fundamental movement skills for kids 5-12 years old.

Here is a link to see what the 60 Minute Kids Club looks like in schools.

Who: Normally reserved for schools, Softball BC has arranged for the 60 Minute Kids Club to open registration to include participation as a family, school, team, club, or organization FREE OF CHARGE. When registering just remember your school is Softball BC.

When: There will be two 30-day program rollouts you can participate in.

  1. April 1-30 2020
  2. May 1-31 2020

Where: Using technology for good! The program is available to those who wish to participate on-line. While the format will differ from the traditional school challenge format of the past ten years, the trackers can still help families establish/maintain healthy habits. As well families can earn how to develop proper movement skills which are an essential component in supporting the development of physical literacy.

Please note registration starts today, Friday, March 28, 2020, but access to the program is not available until Monday, March 30, 2020.

To learn more and register for the program, please go Softball BC’s Members Benefits webpage