Softball BC sent out an update on May 25, 2020. Click the link to view the original pdf. Softball BC – Member Update 25-05-2020

May 25th 2020
To: All Members of Softball BC

I know everyone is anxious to get information on when we will be able to return to play, and what Softball BC is doing to
support that return in a safe and responsible manner.

I do expect we will receive more information in the coming days this week, but in the meantime, here is information on
the process to return to playing and steps Softball BC is taking to assist our clubs and leagues in managing that process in
a consistent manner.

All softball activities continue to be on hold until we have received approval to lift those restrictions and resume
activities. There is no set date for that to happen, we will advise clubs as we get closer and let them know what they and
our members will need to consider before stepping onto the ball field.

The provincial government has said amateur sport will return to play once general sport sector guidelines have been
released and each sport’s provincial board of directors has approved the sport specific plans that comply with those
broader requirements. At this stage, we all are waiting for the provincial guidelines to be sent to us. Once our softball
specific plan is approved by our board of directors, we at the Softball BC office will be able to share that plan with you
along with what each club has to do before they can return to the field under Softball BC sanctions.

We are working on our sport specific plans, so we can be ready as soon as possible and so we can do our very best to
ensure that everyone has an opportunity to play softball in as safe an environment as possible.
Here are some of the support pieces we are working on to help clubs, coaches and participants return in Phase One,
controlled practice and skill development

– We are compiling a resource library which will provide links to vendors, along with descriptions of supplies and
products that will be needed to comply with COVID-19 related protocols. Things like sanitizers, personal
protection, hand washing and more.
– Assembling a list of practices which can be run for different age groups that prioritize physical distancing and
minimal shared use of equipment while stressing skill development
– Sessions for the TimBits category (U6 & U8) to teach physical literacy and fundamental movement skills while
remaining safe and minimizing contact or proximity and shared use of equipment
– Templates for checking attendance and reporting, if necessary, on suspected outbreaks of COVID-19
– Signage for parks to help educate the user to the protocols in place
– Templates for pre-activity screening

As well, there will be additional steps necessary when registering and asking for sanctioning of softball activities. These
are being designed to help manage risk for the club as well as ensuring we are all managing the safety of our participants
and families.

Softball BC has been engaging members through surveys and meetings to better grasp how we can support our
membership. Without any doubt, the top priority is to minimize risk to our players, umpires, coaches and families.
Everyone knows these are unprecedented times we are going through and the steps we are taking are based on
direction from our national body, Softball Canada, our government leaders, provincial and federal and from you, our

There are still lots of work to be done, and we don’t know when sport fields will start to open up again, or how soon we
will be back on them. It will be a staggered re-opening, as it will depend on a lot of factors, when Softball BC can
distribute RTP plans, how quickly the club can get the process and paperwork completed, how soon a parks department
opens their sport fields and how quickly clubs and teams will be able to meet our requirements and receive the approval
to return. I expect it will be a staggered reopening as all the stakeholders meet their various conditions and start back

Please be assured we are working hard to help everyone get to that point, whenever it may be for each club. More
information will be coming out as we learn more over the coming days.

Rick Benson
Executive Director, Softball BC