UPDATE June 29, 2020 – Summer Season Registrations are open!

As most you of may or may not be aware, we were sanctioned by SBBC(Softball B.C.) on June 24. This is great news, and for all the back end administrative work and constantly changing processes and policies, it was well worth it.

The entire North Langley Softball RTP plan you can access here  https://softball.nldiamondsports.ca/information/returntoplay/

The Summer season is OPEN. It will be an approximate 7-8 week season, starting with the obvious socially distanced skill development, and of course the whole new sanitation procedures to follow, see the link above for more info. While ViaSport has cleared SBBC to start to develop the framework for inter-community games, we still need to enter Phases 1 and 2……..

On that note, all paperwork has been submitted to the TOL(Township of Langley), and my hope is the hear back within a few days, clearance to start to schedule diamonds to get out and practice.

Please, register for the Summer season here:  https://softball.nldiamondsports.ca/programs/registration/

We submitted paperwork to the TOL, and we were rejected use of the traditional NL neighbourhood community parks, Alex Hope, Dorothy Peacock and McClughan.

They were giving us 1 diamond at Yorkson(yes you read that right)

That resulted in 2 days(and ongoing) back and forth emails and phone calls. I’m not going to go into the full details, but as you can imagine I was furious, as our minor program was being displaced for slo-pitch.

The “neighbourhood” traditional parks that we didn’t get, while I wasn’t happy about that at all, I understand their reasoning now, as they need to leave them available for other community events, ie birthday parties, as the rec centers aren’t open yet for these sort of things.

In a nutshell, I hope to secure Diamonds 1, 2 and 3 at Yorkson Community Park.

When that is given the go ahead, we will then meet with the coaches on the rec side to outfit them with a sanitation station, and also advise them on next steps.

Getting closer……