With the recent directives from Softball BC being said, we will support teams that continue to want to practice outside.


It is important to note:

  1. The North Langley Batting Cages will be closed for the next two weeks, in order to do a full cleansing of surfaces.
  2. The Township of Langley has now closed ALL school gyms for practice, to do a deep cleansing. Outside park facility access is still open for practices, as noted above.
  3. Opening Ceremonies are “postponed” at this point,  and a decision will be made in 2 weeks as to what are the next steps coming into the season.


Please remember these are decisions you and your family need to make, as we have many people that still are on the fence about the pandemic and are continuing their lives “as is”, but of course taking precautions suggested by the medical community.  With that being said, if you feel you do not want to participate in team/league functions, that is your choice, and will be supported too.

Let’s stay positive and hope that over the coming weeks the COVID-19 pandemic calms down, and we can resume our normal activities.

-Trevor Moreno, North Langley Diamond Sports – Softball President